April 24th, 2007


Strawberry cupcake question

I have this really great cupcake recipie that had been doing me good for a long time now, but I want to try strawberry cupcakes.

I bought strawberry extract and I was wondering how much I should use in the recipe? I tried using the same amount of strawberry as vanilla (2 tsp.), but there was absolutely no strawberry taste present at all.

Maybe I could add fressh straberries to the mixture?

help?? : |
and it is love

pasta salad recommendations / other cold potluck recommendations

Hello everyone :)

So. I have a potluck to attend in a few days, and I'd like to make a pasta salad. I've checked the memories and tagged entries but I'm not sure which recipes are the most tried and true. There will be people there of every sort of eating niche, from vegans to hardcore meat eaters. This will be an arty/open/funky kind of crowd, so I'm not too concerned about pleasing people with chicken finger tastes.

But I do really want to wow people over. Especially the hot guy who is coming. Yum.

Does anyone have a really kick ass totally mean recipe for pasta salad?

Also, does anyone have any other knockout potluck ideas? I mean, really knockout ideas. I want to really wow these people. I think I said that all ready. Haha. Only stipulations: it needs to be a cold item, i.e. something I can make the night before and then grab it out of the fridge before heading to the party the following day. It also needs to be relatively cheap.