April 30th, 2007


Fresh Figs

I was recently given a bag full of fresh figs. I'm not really keen on just eating them as is, so was wondering if anyone had some recipes/ideas on what to do with the figs. I generally prefer savory dishes as I'm not really a desert/sweets person.

Thanks for your help!!!
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Traditional white cake and hydrogenated oil in buttercream frosting

Hi everybody! I'm looking to make a very traditional white cake with buttercream frosting. Right now I'm going through a bunch of entries from the memories. I have a couple questions, though:

1.) I've used Earth Balance to make buttercream frostings in the past, but the frostings tend to melt *very* easily....just like how Earth Balance itself is rock hard, but once it's on the counter it gets soft almost immediately. I'm looking for ways to avoid resorting to using Willow Run. Willow Run has worked better for me in frostings than any other type of vegan margarine, and unfortunately I think it's because of the partially hydrogenated oils. They seem to make the frosting hold up very well, but I'd rather avoid this brand if possible. Any advice?

2.) What are your favorite basic white cake recipes? I'm looking for really traditional, fluffy (I know this can be a challenge due to no eggs) white cake, either vanilla or almond flavored.

Thanks all!