May 2nd, 2007


Fat-free resources, mushroom soup, not frying things, shirataki noodles

I have a few questions...

1. Does anybody know of any good resources for fat-free vegan recipes other than Or, just any tried and true fat-free recipes they want to share? (The easier the better!)

2. I'm sure I've seen this one come up before, but... I have so much cream of mushroom soup! As much as I love soup... Any other ideas for what to do with it?

3. Okay, I am a lover all things fried. Especially if they're breaded. Mmmm, appetizers, snacks... Does anybody have any recipes either for adapted finger-food, or something similar that just doesn't require frying? I've tried all sorts of things... Baked pakoras, latkes, zucchini sticks, breaded mushrooms... Nothing is ever as good as it is fried! Help?

4. Has anybody ever successfully made shirataki noodles be, well... not horrible? I can't seem to do it.

Emily Porch

Icing Tips (But not TIPS tips. I! You know?!)

I hope this isn't off-topic. It IS for a vegan cake, after all! =oD

I've looked around on Google, but I'm not having very good luck. I'm looking for an online guide that has photos of common piping bag tips (meaning these things) that are used to decorate cakes, as well as the shapes they make and how to make them. Stars, flowers, that sort of thing.

Because the search has the word "tips" in it, mostly I'm just getting general tips and advice on how to bake a cake!!!