May 4th, 2007


Bloodroot's Vegan Cookbook

My favorite Vegetarian restaurant in the whole world, Bloodroot (in Bridgeport CT), has just released two brand-spanking new, cookbooks and one is entirely vegan!

This place has been in business since 1976 and, in all the years I’ve been eating there, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal. Here's a link to the cookbooks on their website, but while you're there you might want to read the history and philosophy of the place and, if you come to Connecticut, it's definitely worth a stop:

BTW - I am in no way affiliated with Bloodroot. Just a very pleased and loyal customer.
  • marwin

strawberry cream cake?

hey everyone!

i am a very ambitious baker, and i have a recipe for a really yummy sounding cake, but unfortunately it's not vegan. anyone with experience in converting cake recipes and not really messing them up too badly? or anyone just with lots of experience in cake making? i'm curious as to what kind of egg replacer would be best for this recipe.

according to my roommate who made this cake (non vegan) its a cake that can withstand the kind of wet strawberry filling, so the texture of the cake needs to come out to be able to do that. that's my only concern. i know i could find another cake recipe and use it, but i'm really interested in learning how to tinker with recipes and make them if you guys have advice for that id really appreciate it. i just wanted to see if i could get tips from people who do tinker with recipes so i can know a little about what i'm doing and maybe only have to make this 3 times instead of like...5-6 times to actually get it to come out right.

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