May 9th, 2007



Here in the UK we've had a couple of weeks of unseasonable warmth, although things seem to have returned to normal springtime drizzle now it was quite exciting and summery for a bit there! So my girlfriend and I have been trying to make the most of it and have been cooking outside. Unfortunately we don't have a garden, or even any grass, so we've been in our car park with our little barbecue on the floor, with sun lounger, moon chair, battery powered cd player, jug of cocktail and the sun to keep us company. It's been lovely!


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Seeing as hopefully there will be more sunshine to come I was wondering if anyone had other good ideas for barbecued meals? Ideally they'd be something we can utilise leftovers from for the next day, as my girlfriend and I have this crappy illness that makes us exhausted, so the barbecuing is our way of being outside without having to use much more energy than normal. And we get to cook exciting stuff sitting down, yay!

The next plan we have is for barbecued falafel, with some baba ganoush and... probably onion, mushroom and tomato (could you tell from the photos that we like these?!). Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions for us? Happy barbecuing everyone!

Cardamom Cashew Butter Cupcakes Query

I finally caved in and purchased the book VCTOTW. Question for you 'experts'... the icing recipe for the cashew butter frosting [p. 129] calls for soy milk powder. The only one I found in my health food store was the 'Better Than Milk' soy milk beverage powder. Although the icing tastes wonderful, the powder made it a bit gritty. Is there a more generic soy milk powder I should be using instead? ...after all... I want to make perfect cupcakes if I plan to take over the world!

Thank in advance.