May 12th, 2007


most absurdly challenging group dinner ever

ok. so it's a week until graduation (goodbye undergraduate bubble!!) & my friends & i are making a big year end dinner (read: i am cooking, they will be making a ruckus & drinking pbr). it breaks down something like this: 

1 no animal person (hi) 
1 deathly allergic to mushrooms
1 deathly allergic to yellow dye #5 (wtf??)
2 lactose intolerant 
1 diabetic 
4 boys who think tofu is something ballerinas wear around their waists

i sort of feel like i'm cooking for 'revenge of the nerds'. 

it's been 90 degrees out for the last week & it's not changing any time soon, so we can't make anything too heavy/time consuming. it's a dinner party, so i don't want to spend the whole night in the kitchen. i personally am not a big fan of pasta, we've done pizza to death, & our grill was recently part of an unfortunate incident. same for the blender. they were separate incidents. 

i'm to cook on tuesday, so if anyone can give me some ideas of what on EARTH i'm supposed to come up with i would be forever in your debt. many many thanks.