June 4th, 2007


Lavender Menace

I have a couple of lovely, bushy lavender plants I bought and planted last year.  The leaves have grown in thick profusion, and I'm wondering how best to use them.  Most of the recipes for food and crafts I've seen call for lavender flowers (which I certainly will use), but I'm not getting a great deal of information on using the leaves.  So far, I've come up with the following ideas for consuming my luvverly lavender:
  • Lavender leaf and marjoram biscuits - perhaps using shortbread, sugar cookie, or oatmeal cookies as my base
  • Lavender and sage cake - perhaps using a basic sponge cake recipe as the base
  • Lavender leaf tea?
  • Lavender leaf and rosemary jam?
If you have any suggestions, or any tips, for using lavender leaves, I'll be thrilled and grateful.

[EDIT]: I thought it was English lavender, and my mother - fount of all gardening knowledge - confirms it.