June 15th, 2007


Vegan Cannoli's

Hey everyone!  I posted a plea a while back, searching for a recipe for vegan cannoli's.  My husband had just been introduced to this wonderful Italian pastry just before we both went vegan, so I promised him for his birthday that I would make him a vegan variety.  Well, let me tell you: it took forever but boy was it WORTH IT!  Its funny because my loud Italian grandmother is always on my back for choosing a vegan lifestyle, and wouldn't you know that she loved them?!?!?  Knowing full well that they were vegan too!  It was the shining moment in my vegan-ness to make something that my grandmother approved of (even though I made them for my husband, lol)  But anyway -- I am posting some food porn to go with my happy blog for all of you lovely veg-heads. :-)  And thank you btw, to whomever it was that sent me this link.  I added chocolate chips to the filling. :-P

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