June 16th, 2007

S - Rain Falling

Cheap Yet Fast + Vegan = Impossible?

Hey guys,
Looking for any and ALL resources for how to be vegan CHEAPLY! I've been vegetarian for years and years and have been vegan on and off, but never for very long because every time I end up not remotely being able to afford enough food to actually eat decently.
I'm sadly quite poor because of medical disability (I work but I have to pay a LOT of medical bills)
Anyhow, I just recently watched the newest Animal-Rights video that has been going around like crazy on Google Video. It's an hour and a half and I.. well as I'm sure you know it just made me want to be vegan again sooooo badly. But my word veganism is expensive!
My problem is I work the p.m. shift so I have to have my meals pre-prepared and they have to be easy to make and reheat.

Oh and just because I'm bored and looking for recipes. If you're bored, post a link to your all-time favorite vegan recipes!