June 24th, 2007

no-name grape dessert

i was at a family gathering yesterday and had a delicious desert. someone told me the recipe and, to my delight, found it was possible to veganise it. it can easily be halved - this was for a family function so there was *lots*!

no-name grape dessert

4 pounds grapes
8 oz. vegan cream cheese (they said a "block" of cream cheese so i'm assuming 8 ounces)
4 oz. vegan sour cream
1/2 c. vegan sugar (kind closest to conventional "white")
1 c. vegan brown sugar
pecans (enough to sprinkle liberally over the top)

mix together cream cheese, sour cream and "white" sugar; toss with grapes. put this in a big bowl. top with brown sugar followed by pecans.


i have a question..

is it okay to eat tofu raw?? see, i had miso soup leftover from take out sushi last night. i also got this cold japanese tofu, it just looked raw and i added that to the miso soup. i wanted more tofu so i added several small pieces of silken tofu, straight from the container which was in the fridge. i heated up the soup for a couple minutes in the microwave. i figured it was allright to eat raw, since it is just soybean... but now that i think about it maybe it wasn't. i feel fine (a little bloated but it's probably all the sodium) but i'm worried i may feel sick if it was not safe to eat. can you guys offer some opinions on this situation? is it safe to eat raw?

(btw i did a search and there were no posts on this matter).
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baby bok choy - what to stirfry with

I picked up some baby bok choy at the first farmers market of the year yesterday & was wondering if anyone has some suggestions as to what I should stir fry it with?

My husband got some mixed wild mushrooms that I'm going to cook his with in white wine, garlic & earthbalance but I don't eat mushrooms.

So! baby bok choy stir fried in white wine, garlic, EB with tofu and ????

thanks in advance!

Stuffed Portabellas and Homemade Ice Cream

after seeing people inquiring about making homemade ice cream on yahoo, i had to veganize the recipe!here it is, great to do with kids on a summer day! (i'm dying to try it with hemp milk, i think it would be delish)

easy vegan ice cream
1 tsp sugar (i left this out, i figured the soymilk was sweetened enough)
1/2 c soymilk
1/4 tsp vanilla
6 tsp rock salt (i used 1/3 c of potassium sorbate, our water softner..it worked!)

-fill up a pint size ziploc bag with the sugar/soymilk/vanilla. fill up a gallon sized bag halfway with ice and the rocksalt. put the smaller bag in the larger back and shake for about 5 minutes. yummy vegan soft serve ice cream!!

stuffed portabella mushroom caps
1 green squash, diced
1 yellow , diced
1 can progresso italian seasoned diced tomatoes (or use 2-3 tomatoes chopped up with some oregano, parsley, etc.)
2 1/2 (i think?) cups of morningstar burger crumbles
1/2 vidalia onion, diced
1/2 red pepper, diced
4-6 portabella mushroom caps

simmer all ingredients on medium-low heat in a saucepan for roughly 20 minutes. grilled the caps and stuff to your liking. =)