June 27th, 2007

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drying your own herbs (with a dehydrator)

Hey, I want to dry some mint with my dehydrator, but I am having trouble finding solid instructions on the process. Several websites have reccomended an "herb screen", but I want to know if this is absolutely necessary. Also, is there a general time it takes? It says to keep an eye on it and just stop when the mint leaves are brittle. Normally, when I'm dehydrating stuff, I go and do other things for a few hours because the process takes a while, but is this true of herbs, too? How closely do I have to monitor them?
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Glazed Pecans

Hey guys and gals :) I'm looking for a glazed pecan recipe...I use to love eating them as a kid, and I've had a craving for sweet + nutty stuff for awhile now. Any thoughts?

On that note...I don't suppose there is such a thing as a vegan pecan pie is there? Prolly not, but I thought I would ask.