July 7th, 2007



I just had the fortune of going to two great local farmer's markets. I picked up some yellow (bright bright yellow..wish i had a camera!) squash, lebanese squash, yellow wax beans, asparagus, okra and..hakurei. I was curious to try it, since I've never seen it before. Apparently it is a Japanese turnip with a sweet flavor. Has anyone used this before, and do you have any advice/recipes? Also, would it go well with any of the rest of my haul? (I've also got plenty of carrots, peppers, onions, celery and greens)

Grünkern salad

Grünkern is a lovely thing popular in the German-speaking world. It's spelt/farro that's been harvested young (thus the "green" in the name) and then smoked. If you have ready access to Grünkern, by all means use it for this (and send me a package, please, since I just used the last of mine). If not, you could make this with regular spelt berries, wheat berries, or long-grain brown rice.

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