July 9th, 2007

red rice help

I want to make this easy red rice recipe for dinner...The problem is I only have brown rice...Would this work? Do I need to do anything different? I also want to add tomato sauce instead of the salsa like my b/f's mom does...I love her rice!

Easy Spanish Rice
Prep: 5 min, Cook: 20 min.
1 cup long grain white rice, rinsed and uncooked
2 cups water
1 Tbs. butter or margarine
1 cup salsa
1 tsp. salt

detox diet suggestions?

i'm planning to go on a one or two-week detoxifying diet. i'm looking to improve my overall health, particularly to boost my immune system, purify my skin, and maintain energy which i can't seem to do no matter how much sleep or excercise i get. i do eat strictly healthy as it is so i'm no stranger to vegetables or healthy alternatives; but i'm afraid that i'm not well-enough informed here, and i dont want to starve or completely famish for 14 days. are their any recepies you suggest, meal-plans, specific diets or particular foods i can/should have or should stay away from? help would be greatly appreciated.


also, i excersize often, and am on long-term antibiotics which i take two of every day, along with multivitamins and...the birthcontrol pill-
i don't know whether to completely stop taking any or all of the above while i'm cleansing, or if i should cut down on the cardio-vascular part of my excersize while my body is deprived of calories its used to having. any insight would be wonderful, thank you all for your suggestions :)

afternoon tea

In lieu of a bridal shower (*shudder*) my best friend is throwing me a tea party. So, she's asked me for some recipe help. I'm going to give her this scone recipe from the archive, but if you have other scone suggestions/tips, they're appreciated.

Really I'm looking for ideas for tea sandwiches. I was thinking I'd pass along the Tofu-Dill Salad recipe from VwaV, and suggest something with mashed avocado. Any other ideas/suggestions?