July 12th, 2007

frank o'hara

Fancied-up Oven Fries

Hey All-- Inspired by Webtar's recent Pesto Fries, and some fries I had awhile
ago at a pub topped with fresh tomato-onion salsa, I came up with this tonight
for dinner in order to use up all my leftover sauces and tofus from last night's
dinner (which, incidentally, was the Green Goddess Rice Bowl from the cookbook
ReFresh by Ruth Tal. This is officially my new favourite cookbook- it has lots
of great sauce and dressing recipes, etc., that are good for light summer

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Egg replacements/substitutes.

Recently, I got a vegan cookbook (Vegan with a Vengence) and everything looks just great. I can't wait to start cooking! Tomorrow, I am planning to bake some vegan cookies but I don't have any egg replacers. Certain cookies just wouldn't taste good with banana or flax seeds in them and they're the only cookies I can make for the time being seeing as I have very little money and no car to drive tomorrow.

I was wondering if there are any other egg replacements/substitutes that any of you have heard of that generally aren't flax seeds, bananas, soy yogurt, and tofu - because I remember a recipe for a homemade egg, but I don't remember how to make it.