July 15th, 2007


Better pic of mystery veg...

Still don't know what this is. It looks more like a big cucumber on the outside, but when I cut it open, it has the texture of a zucchini. A touch of bitterness to it, but not overly so. I'm guessing some sort of squash.

I bought it from the asian market and have no idea what it is or how to cook it. Anyone know what this is?

Mexican Chaat

Chaat is normally part of South Asian cuisine, but why fuss with geography when your tastebuds are at stake? In the summer I pretty much live on variations of the tomato-corn-avocado combination, and today I decided to fancy it up a little with a masala along the lines of what you might put on fruit chaat, but with Mexican flavors.

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help with eggplant (parm)

Hey all- I made grilled eggplant for dinner tonight and I have tons of leftovers. I marinated it all in italian salad dressing before grilling in, and the pieces still have some of the oily dressing on them. I'd like to make vegan eggplant parm for tomorrow's dinner but I'm wondering how I should go about/what I should use for breading the eggplant pieces since they have the salad dressing on them. TIA for help with my supper! :)