July 17th, 2007

Cold sesame noodles

Hey everybody!

I'm new to this community and also newly vegan! I'm very excited about it. Anyways, one of my favorite recipes that I plan on making a lot is a Tyler Florence recipe for Cold Sesame Noodles. It is pretty much all vegan except for one ingredient---Red Chile Paste which contains anchovy extract. Does anyone know of a good substitute?

Thanks in advance!


I am trying to formulate a recipe with applesauce, so I need to take a survey:

What do you put on top of your applesauce?
What do you eat your applesauce with?

Thank you. I'll put the recipe up once finished.


would any of you try:

ginger apple bread
fruit and applesauce compote
chocolate chunk applesauce

zucchini for veggie-phobes

Sparing you the details, my family has somehow acquired a veritable pantload of enormous zucchini, and I'm expected to do something that will make them taste good to everyone--mind you, I'm not too fond if it myself. I've collected a few recipes from this community that I want to try, but really what I'm wondering about is a zucchini cake. Does anyone know of a foolproof vegan one? I know I've seen recipes somewhere, but leave it to me to forget where to find them when I actually have zucchini...rawr.