July 18th, 2007

Your best, crunchiest, carameliest, caramel corn?

I'm looking for a tried-and-true recipe for very crunchy, VERY caramel-ey, caramel corn.   The only kind I've ever had and liked was in my pre-vegan days from a company called Vic's - they're regional i think (at least their fresh-pop stores), so i dunno if you guys have had it. 

the popcorn, fluffy.
the caramel coating - thick, sweet, buttery, crunchy


i googled vegan caramel popcorn and one recipe seemed semi-promising, with brown sugar, karo syrup, baking soda (?) and some other stuff.  before i go out and buy a bottle of karo syrup just for this, i thought i'd ask here if anyone has any knock your socks of caramel corn recipes.

i will post pics and the recipe of my final product!