July 23rd, 2007

sinking cakes!!

i apologize if this has been asked before, but i couldn't find anything in the memories.
whenever i make cakes, they come out of the oven round and perfect, and then immediately sink into something very dense and moist.  
what this means is that they are delicious but damp-sponge-y the first day, and by the second day they are just some weird moist mess.
so what am i doing wrong?  what is the secret to light and fluffy cake??


I like couscous, plain - maybe a pinch of salt. It is really cheap right now at SafeWay $1 a box (like 4-6 servings). The problem is my guy thinks it is bland. He likes red rice (spanish rice) and that is about it in the rice department...How can I get him to like it/jazz it up?
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ginger-grilled tofu "steaks" with miso mayonnaise; portobello "burgers"

On a recent episode of Steven Raichlen's cooking show Barbeque U, the topic was vegetarian grilling and he had a really great tip for tofu and portobello mushrooms. Inserting slivers of garlic or ginger into marinated tofu or portobello mushrooms before placing on the grill adds a great flavor, especially as the garlic cooks.

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Golden Snitch Cookies

I need a recipe for some cookies because I am going to be making golden snitch cookies for my friend (she went to France and I haven't seen her all summer).

I need something that holds, and is easy to mold.

Also, I have yellow dye, but no white. How can I make the colors and the markings?


I'm going to be using my sugar cookie recipe, and will be using lockedindream's suggestion about the snitch being lemony and yellow :)
I shall put up the recipe for them when I'm done. THEN their will a golden snitch cookie craze.

I have never made two part cookies, and have no idea how to join them. If you could tell me how that'd be great.