August 6th, 2007

Seitan Sausage Patties from Scratch - sticking it all together?

I looked through the memories and found one sausage recipe that contained agar and cornstartch - do you think something like that would be good enough to make sausage patties stick together?  I'd like to make my own out of home made seitan and i don't want them to be crumbly as I'll be using them for breakfast sandwiches.  I'm not sure exactly what makes meat sausage patties stay formed.  fat?  icky random animal parts?

any tried-and-true tips would be appreciated, thanks!
teddy kiss

cherry tomatoes?

bf's mum gave us a TON of cherry tomatoes (not sure how many, but the colander is full of 'em) and they're all quite ripe and should be used soon.

i would LOVE some suggestions!

i saw a recipe in the archives for a simple tomato sauce, so i may try my own tomato sauce with cherries instead of regular tomatoes, but i would love something new, too.

also, i really really love tomato mozzarella salad-- does anyone have any favorite mozz-type vegan versions you'd recommend?

thank you!