August 21st, 2007

honk honk!

Gnocchi toppings

I love gnocchi, but I haven't had it since becoming vegan. Before I always ate it with white sauces. Most vegan sauces that gnocchi seems to be paired with either contain tomatoes or basil, both of which are are no-go for me. I'd rather not do a vegan white/cheese sauce, so... What can I do? I was thinking maybe a lemon-herb sauce with some Earth Balance? Or olive oil/balsamic vinegar? An artichoke pesto in place of the basil?

Thanks for helping this picky eater!

(P.S. Low-fat and fat-free ideas are a plus, but all suggestions are definitely appreciated!)


I'm toying with the idea of using a 20% off coupon to treat myself to a belated birthday present of a panini maker, this one in fact.

Maybe I just want it 'cos I'm in a huge food rut and think that this will change my life. Maybe I just really like those pretty black grill lines. But so far I can't think of enough things to do with it to justify the splurge. Also I've never even touched a panini maker or had anything prepared in one, so I'm not aware of its possibilities. If anyone has ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Thank you!