August 24th, 2007

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coffee cake recipes

i consider myself to be an above-average baker, however, my coffee cakes suck. i have tried every single vegan coffee cake recipe in existence (including the one in the memories), and veganized a lot of non-vegan ones, but i've never made one i was even remotely satisfied with. i'm beginning to believe this is going to be a heart-wrenching, toilsome, life-long battle for me, one that i will never win, no matter how long i live and how hard i try.

i spent over two hours this morning trying a new recipe, making sure i followed it absolutely to the letter, because i usually fudge directions and customize recipes, and that hasn't worked for me with coffee cakes. the result is a sub-par, too-chewy and somewhat bland coffee cake that my boyfriend better eat, because i'm too annoyed to even look at it.

does anyone have a coffee cake recipe they really like? i really love the stuff and if i don't come up with a decent one soon i'm going to go crazy.

this is the recipe i used this morning, by the way:
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>> some recipes from "Sinfully Vegan"

So I was asked yesterday to type up some recipes from Sinfully Vegan by Lois Dieterly, relating to muffins and cupcakes. I'd like to make a caveat and say there aren't any muffin recipes in the book (apparently not sinful enough - I'd never noticed as I largely use it for the cookies :[) But otherwise there were a lot of cakes that'd make delicious cupcakes, and I picked out 2 pairs of both cakes and frostings to mix and match with!

I picked things I thought said "Fall" to me, since it IS right around the corner!

Sorry it's a little late, I uh, got carried away making dinner. :'3

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