August 28th, 2007

Garam Masala

I just came across a very large packet of garam masala. I remember seeing this in loads of recipes over the years, but confess to having no idea what I'd do with it now that I have it. Suggestions?

Chickpea flour.

I have a sesame tofu recipe that calls for coating the tofu squares in chickpea flour before lightly frying them. I cannot find chickpea flour for the life of me. Anyone have a good substitute?

Suggestions for a soup?

I'm going to make a soup/stew tomorrow in my new crockpot. I was looking around and found this.

It sounds kind of blah to me -- just a few veggies and broth. So I bought more veggies than it listed, and decided I'd add garlic in as well. What are some other spices I could add in to make it not so boring?

the wall

Freezing rice

So I have a little tupperware bowl of rice. I am leaving for a week.

Two questions:

a) Can rice keep in the fridge for a week? It has sesame tofu sauce on top (no tofu).
b) Can I freeze rice and then microwave it next week? Will the world implode?

Halloween sun
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So, with the recent talk about freezing rice I have a question:

Is ANYTHING good frozen? Like what if something is about to expire, but you freeze it a couple days before the expiration date? Is it still good to eat after it expires?

I only cook for myself & sometimes my boyfriend. So we don't eat everything super fast. So I would love to know as much info on freezing as possible.

Thanks guys!