August 30th, 2007


mac and cheese from the uncheese cookbook?

I'm looking for the baked mac and cheese from the uncheese cookbook. Does anyone have that cookbook lying around? I love that recipe, and peppers are on sale at the grocery store! I couldn't find the exact recipe in the memories either, even though I'm pretty sure that I've posted it here before. 

All of my cookbooks are in storage and I really want them back. especially that one.

recipes: Chocolate-Zucchini Cupcakes and Zucchini Apple Muffins

I'm really happy because after 2 batches of these cupcakes and 3 batches of the muffins, I've finally used the entire dachshund-sized zucchini that was sitting in my fridge!
The bad news: I still have another 2 foot long zucchini! I think I will just get out a knife and turn it into a zucchini jack-o-lantern.

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"Lite" Tofu and Baby Portobellos

I decided to try some "lite" firm tofu in my stirfry tonight, and I thought it was pretty awful. The consistency was more like jello than tofu. It kind of reminds me of silken, actually. I still have half of it left. How do you think I can use it up without having to experience the weird texture again? I'm thinking of an alfredo type sauce, maybe...?

Also, packages of pre-chopped baby portobello mushrooms were buy one get one free tonight, and I couldn't resist. Now I have to eat them all before they go bad. Maybe some of these could be incorporated in the tofu usage somehow? How else might I use them up, besides stirfry?

help! tofu irrationalities.

okay, so. i have been vegan for quite some time, and vegetarian for years upon years before that. i have conquered tempeh, seitan, you name it, but i am so scared of cooking tofu and i don't know why. i should also make it known that i LOVE eating tofu, but feel like i am setting myself up for failure when i attempt to cook it. i particularly like fried/BREADED tofu, so i was wondering if you guys had an easy but spectacular recipes that would be difficult to screw up? i really think it is time to pony up and face my fears.

(any other recipes involving tofu are welcome? i am a sucker for smoothies and sweets and such?)