August 31st, 2007

pook and bert

Free soy yogurt

I received an email from Wildwood today about how to get coupons for free soy yogurt. If this kind of post isn't allowed, I'll delete it. I looooove Wildwood. They make my favorite soy yogurt, tofu, soy coffee creamer and soy milk.

"If you’d like a coupon for 2 FREE cups of our NEW Certified Organic Wildwood Soyogurt, please visit our website, and enter your name, e-mail & mailing address! We’ll be sending the coupons out in early September, so don’t delay!"



I bought platains at my local Latino market. My favorite way to eat them is fried crispy, but since I'm trying to cut down on the fried foods, I'm going to try doing it in the oven. All the recipes I've ever found for plantains done in the oven have been for soft or sweet ones.
So, I know the basic procedure (slice them thin, spray them with cooking spray and sprinkle with salt), but what temperature should I put my oven on? I realize ovens vary, but any suggestions to make them nice and crunchy? 400ºF? Or should I broil them for a minute, instead? Has anybody ever made crunchy plantains this way?

Pestoey Alfredoey Sauce that contains Sundried Tomatoes and Portobello Mushrooms

So here's the sauce I made out of that really gross jello-ey tofu and leftover portobellos. It came out really tasty. I'm not sure how many servings. My boyfriend and I can eat a LOT of pasta in one sitting if we're feeling really motivated, and I'd say this'd be about 3-4 servings for us.

Also, the ingredient amounts are estimated. They were more like handfuls and half handfuls, so taste as you go.

1/3 cup mushrooms (I used baby portobellos)
2-3 cloves garlic
1/4 cup sundried tomatoes

3 Tbsp pine nuts (toasted if you're feeling ambitious)
1/2 block silken tofu (I used "lite firm" tofu tonight, but I'd use silken next time)
1/4 cup vegan sour cream
1/4 cup water or broth
1/4 cup nutritional yeast
Tbsp dried basil

Salt to taste

Saute the mushrooms until they're about done, then add the garlic and sundried tomatoes (to soften them up so that they're easier to blend).
Turn off the heat and remove the pan from the heat. Add the rest of the ingredients (except salt), then blend. Salt to taste. Tada! Tasty sauce.