September 10th, 2007

tofu pockets!

i have finally been able to find a grocer that sells soybeancurd pockets of inari fame.

could anyone point me in the direction of a rice / veg / beancurd pocket combination recipe? i'm really eager to try them!

thank you!!
Halloween sun
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recipes for cookbook

Hey guys. :)

I am going to put together a cookbook for my sister for Christmas. & I am looking for some of your favorite family & holiday recipes.

They can be breakfast to dessert, it doesn't really matter. As long as you have tried it, liked it, & don't mind me using it in a homemade cookbook for her.

It would be a plus if the recipes were winter themed and/or Christmas & Thanksgiving themed. & maybe you cook every Thanksgiving, Christmas, any other holiday for your family.

Just looking for warm, cozy, family tradition type things. :D

Thanks in advance!!

[PS: I have no idea how to use tags so I'm sorry it's not tagged, but I really don't know how!]
brian slade

meatloaf heaven

I am probably the last person to have discovered the meatloaf studio, which generates a vegan meatloaf recipe based on your choice of ingredients. It is my new favorite thing. As a result, I had a delicious dinner of my very own meatloaf creation, mashed sweet potatoes, and steamed broccoli. It didn't quite hold together in actual loaf form, but it was close and tasted damn good. I did edit the recipe I got a little bit. You'll find what I did below the cut.

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