September 12th, 2007

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"Ranch Style" beans...

Ive had a craving for them for awhile...have any of you ever tried those canned beans called 'Ranch Style Beans'? Ive pretty sure thats even the brand name. Anyway, I use to love fave dinner was a taco salad with those beans...but I havnt been able to eat them since the ones in the can are chocked full of animal fat (grroooooossss). Would any of you know how to recreate this stuff at home? I need taco salads in my life again; a girl can only live on so much pasta and various sauces before she crave a little variety, know what I mean? And these beans are super awesome...I even use to put them in homemade tortillas and eat them with breakfast taco fillings. Mmmm...

Thanks in advance!
  • bizwac

bitter melon

I went to my local fruit and veg shop yesterday to see if the price of red capsicums had gone down (they hadn't :( ).
but they have a 'sale' shelf with bags of various fruits/veggies etc. i spotted a bag with a few red capsicums which were cheap. hazah! but the bag also contained other stuff: grey zucchini, chillies, lebanese eggplant and... bitter melon.

i love how they just whack together various items and put them on sale. usually i know what to do with all of these items. but i've NEVER had bitter melon. i didn't even know what it was. i had to find the non-sale ones to find out the name. haha

so, does anyone have any ideas of how to eat it? any recipes?

it's this in case you know it by another name