September 18th, 2007

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cheez-making: lupini beans

i think i spelled that right... it might be lupino. they're lima-bean sized, yellowish-tan beans off of which the shell must be peeled before eating, and they're sold jarred in brine. i just had them for the first time in forever and noticed that they have a somewhat cheesey flavor, and are also both acidic and salty. so my question is, has anyone ever tried making cheez with them, or does anyone have any general tips for making cheez out of nut. yeast and beans?

Appetizer/Snack Ideas?

I was wondering if anyone had some really good vegan/snack appetizer suggestions for this fiber arts group I'm in. I'm hosting at my home in the middle of October and usually when people host they provide a couple of food items,... I have no issue feeding myself, but I'm looking for ideas for a group of omnivores, I'd prefer it's not even discussed that the food is vegan (just that it IS vegan and still good).

I know I'm going to make stuffed cherry tomatoes (with olives & olive oil, yum!), does anyone have any other relatively simple ideas besides for a veggie plate or hummus/pita? Pretzels & chips would be fine but I was looking for something a bit more unique.

Thanks a lot.
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Cooking for non-vegans

On Thursday my husband will be cooking dinner for a couple of our omni friends, and we want to show them how good vegan food can be. The guy claims to get headaches from the texture of fake meat (sounds like nonsense to us, but whatever) and we know they like Italian. I was thinking of spinach and tofu lasagna with rice cheese, but we want to serve something else in addition to that. Any suggestions for recipes/meals we could make for them? Thanks =)