September 24th, 2007



HELLO i hope everyone is doing well.

my family is czech and there are a precious few things which have been handed down over the years. my great grandmother used to hand make PEROGIES, one by one, in some super speedy (and probably traditional) way, on the kitchen table.
I have tried to make a vegan equal to these perogies but have not really succeeded. I've used a flour and water version for the dough, but there must be some better way! (The ones I had were just ok, and they stuck together to each other like crazy, yet loosened their pockets of potato like crazy too!)

Any ideas?

breakfast corn cakes


i recently visited portland, oregon and had the most wonderful vegan, gluten-free corn cakes... pancakes, but with a lot of corn meal. i have searched for recipes on the internet and they are not nearly as amazing as these pancakes. if anyone is familiar with these corncakes and knows of ideas of how to create them, please share.

thank you.