September 28th, 2007

  • anny86

The perfect Sugar cookie

I used to love the way Pillsbury sugar cookies tasted, the kind that came in a tube like shape, that you freeze, and then slice and cook when you want cookies. They always came out so yummy, and chewy and amazing. All the vegan sugar cookies recipies I have tried have come out hard and crunchy (and if I try to cook them for less time they come out raw and doughy)...does anyone know any that will come out soft,sweet and yummy?

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How can I make my dinner more interesting?

I have discovered that black beans, sweet potato, and pineapple pair nicely together. But when I make this combination for dinner I haven't been using any additional spices or embellishments. Unfortunately it gets a bit bland after a while. Do any of you have suggestions on ways I can turn this combination into a more interesting and tasty meal? TIA.