October 1st, 2007

sushi rice

I was at two stores looking for sushi rice yesterday with no luck. In the asain isle I found 'calrose' rice, would this be sushi rice? I would like to make some sweet sticky rice (thai style)...

Beat Greens?

Similar to the last post, my roommate bought two huge bushels of beat greens at the Green-Market on Saturday - accidentally mistaking them for Rhubarb. They look pretty similar, I'm just glad I caught it before she put it into her strawberry rhubarb pie! So anyway, we have so much of it and we're having trouble finding uses for it besides as a salad ingredient. Anyone have any beat green-centric recipes they could suggest?

Thanks so much!
2 boys

RIce yogurt

So I'm interested in experimenting with making rice yogurt. My son is sensitive to soy, so we haven't been feeding him soy yogurt. However, the recent discovery of Ricera yogurt has thrilled him to death. But it's quite expensive and comes in limited flavors. I've got some ideas for making it that I'd be glad to share once I get a decent product, but where oh where can I find dairy-free starter culture? I don't mind a bit of soy in the starter, it will be minimal in the finished product, but everything I find has milk powder in it...

Indian Eggplant Pizza

It has been quite awhile since I posted, not having a computer will do that to you.

This quick and easy recipe doesn't require much prep. I know it's kind of a cop-out to use so much pre-made stuff... but it's delicious nonetheless.

6 ounces (1 bag) Spinach, coursely chopped
1 12 inch or so pizza crust
6 cloves garlic, minced
two boxes Tasty Bite Punjab Eggplant

In a bowl, mix the chopped spinach, garlic and eggplant.
Top your pizza with the mixture.
Bake pizza according to instructions for the crust*

*I've found that you may want to cook the crust a little before adding the eggplant mix, otherwise the crust ends up a bit flimsy since the eggplant mix is so goopy.

**If you have extra time, caramelize an onion and mix that in.