October 2nd, 2007


canning recipes? (specifically soup, but feel free to post whatever you want.)

anybody here can stuff? i'm a relative n00b at it. but i have a great recipe for peach chutney that i will post in return for your favorite recipes. :-))))) (that's the only thing i've made so-far. heh)

i've recently been interested in making soups and canning beans, cause buying 15 oz of beans for 75 cents and above is really grating on my nerves. and i never plan far enough ahead to soak and cook beans in time for dinner. and well, i can't just wing the soup recipes, cause i can't taste them since they'll be cooking in sealing containers. right? i'll be putting the soups that aren't fully cooked in the jars to cook more during processing?

also, is there a benefit of a boiling water bath over a pressure canner? i suppose if you have a huge bunch of stuff to can that wouldn't fit into the canner on one go, the boiling water bath would be best, but if you're canning like only 7 jars, it'd seem like a waste to use all that water, and all the energy it takes to bring it to boiling. right? i always thought the pressure canner was a better option all around, but i've been poking around in my "putting foods by" book (that i got from a used bookstore for 3 bucks) and a lot of the recipes call for BW baths, and don't give options for conversion. is there an easy conversion to switch something from BW to pressure? if a recipe is low acid, it's okay as long as i use the pressure canner, right?

here's a link to thePPK's thread on canning recipes.

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vegetable soup!

i have a pseudo recipe for vegetable soup from a friend. i'm looking to add a little flair to it or mix up the ingredients to make it my own. (i want to have a good vegan vegetable soup recipe to refer to at all times.)
the ingredients now are as follows: 1 can vegetable broth, lima beans, green beans, corn + peas. 1 can of tomato sauce (can of water to match), s&p, 1/4 tsp of chili powder, and 1 small chopped onion.

if anyone has an ideas to liven up the soup i would greatly appreciate it! :) 
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