October 5th, 2007

Vegan sweet potato crust?

Hey all! I was wondering if all you experienced vegan chefs could help me with this. I have this idea to make a savoury pie with either soy chicken, mock beef or lentils and make a sweet potato crust for it. I found a recipe online for this non veg recipe. Do you think we can veganize it? Any ideas? The filling part should be easy as I have made vegan pot pies before but this particular crust calls for an egg and I don't know what I should substitute.

Brown Sugar?

I've been browsing the memories for snacks, and I've come across a few recipes that call for brown sugar. Then I came across a comment that said that brown sugar isn't vegan. I searched the "is this vegan" section, and did not see anything on brown sugar.

I know that refined sugar is not considered vegan by some because of the bone char used, but there are some brands that do not use this method.

If brown sugar is not vegan, why it that the case? And what substitution can be made in a recipe that calls for it?