October 9th, 2007


pumpkin sugar cookies?

does anyone know of a pumpkin-spice cookie recipe that would act like a sugar cookie? I found these old star and moon cutout shapes and I want to make halloween cookies so bad! I could use a moravian spice cookie recipe, but I make spice cookies allll the time, and hey, pumpkin is amazing stuff. Maybe with currants? Anyway, I'm just worried that it'll make the batter spread too much. any suggestions?
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Kale = Awesome!

Recently my little local wholefood co-op has been getting in a lot of kale and I feel like this year I have really discovered just how great it really is. I've had it steamed with stuff before, fried up with garlic, in bubble and squeak, but this year it's been the main feature of my meals. Two recent successes have been kale curry and kale soup.

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Ener-G egg replacement

Anyone have experience with the Ener-G egg replacer? I bought some the other day. I'm making muffins right now. I think it might effect the browning? Because the muffins are almost done and they aren't really brown at all...

But anyone have any tips/tricks recipes using this stuff? Thanks!

Question about cooking Tofu Noodle Soup

Hi. I just have a simple question.

I've made this recipe before and LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it, but wanted to know if it would be okay to make in a crockpot instead of on the stove in a pot?

I assume it would be...

Any ideas? How long in a crockpot? Maybe the usual few hours?

What do you all think?


x-posted to vegrecipes and veggie_recipes -- they aren't answering, so I thought I'd ask here.