October 12th, 2007

Cooking with Curry

Does anyone have any suggestions for cooking with curry? specifically what vegetables are complimented by this spice, recipes etc.

i made a stir fry and used curry last night and it just tasted kind of odd, like the veggies were right for the flavor or something.

any tips would be appreciated.
rumbly in my tumbly!

Green Smoothie Recipe Request + Baked Root Vegetable Recipe

Sometimes I get a bit nervous about trying new things, which is absolutely ludicrous, I know, especially when there are tons of delicious fruits and vegetables out there.

One of the things I've always shied away from are green smoothies/juices. I just can't buy something green and separated into three parts in a container and force myself to drink it. But I've heard green smoothies are the best for you and can be absolutely delicious!

I don't have a juicer, just a food processor and a standard blender. Will you please rec your favorite/tastiest/best-for-a-person-not-used-to-drinking-green-things juice/smoothie that I can make for myself? I really appreciate it!

I have a moderate strawberry allergy...

And since I'm asking for something, I'll offer this up. Here's a tasty fall root vegetable recipe that's super easy to make and completely delicious. I've since adapted it upon finding it, sometimes also adding yams (particularly purple) to the mixture, as well, and often find the oven time is really varied depending on where I make it (1 hour total for my mom's oven, only 35 for my own).

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food Dehydrator Reccomendations?

So I looked in the archives and found a post on how to make your own food dehydrator. That is awesome, but does anyone have a recommendation for a store bought one? It needs to work fairly well and be able to make a lot of dehydrated foods. I am planning on hiking the pacific crest next year and am planning on dehydrating a lot of stuff for it (I am already making almost all of our backpacking gear so I don't have time to make a dehydrator as well-or else I totally would :). Also anyone have any good backpacking dehydrated food recipes? I got Lipsmackin Vegetarian Backpackin and a lot of the recipes look good, but any personal recommendations would be great. Thanks!