October 25th, 2007


nutritional yeast

Hey all, I just wanted to let all you fellow vegan peeps who've never seen a can of nutritional yeast on a grocery store shelf know you can order it online from Food Fight. Which I just did.

So, what are all you guys (all the other peeps, who HAVE seen it on their grocery store shelves and used it!) 's favorite recipes using this cheesy flavored stuff? I'm so excited!!

1 hour or less

Hi all-

I'm currently a nutrition major, and my Foods class is up to the section on meat. My lab professor asked me if I knew of any good recipes- especially involving tofu that we could prepare in the lab. (this does include desserts) We'd need to be able to complete it in under an hour, and it would need to be very non-vegan friendly. (Also, no ingredients TOO outlandish..my classmates are scared enough of tofu.) Any recipes would be great. Thanks!