November 3rd, 2007

happy pasty!
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Help me please, I need to make a good Birthday cake.

I have to make a birthday cake for my mum next week, and so far it is not going well. We don't really get on that well, so I want this to be really good (nice logic!) so, since I have not made a large chocolate cake since becoming vegan I decide to try it out before making it on the day.

The first one I made (I can't remember where from) was not tasty. Just, not good, and it sank a bit in the middle. The second one I tried was the raspberry chocolate one from VwaV, but that sank a lot in the middle, then cracked completely into two halves. The next was a hersheys one, recommended by loads and loads of people in various threads in the community. But that sank a ridiculous amount.

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So... I don't really know where to go from here. This may sound big headed, but I'm a pretty good baker normally. Before becoming vegan people used to pay me to bake cakes for them, I can follow a recipe, my techniques are ok, my oven is the right temperature but I still can't make a large vegan cake that doesn't sink in the middle, so I guess something must be wrong. I figure it's rising too much for the strength of the protein structures in it, they can't hold it up so it sinks, but I don't have enough time or enough allegiance to any of these recipes to play and play until it goes right.

But, this can't go wrong, I need to make a good cake, and I'm starting to run out of time to test it. And I feel crappy, and under stress, and useless, and it all makes me want to cry, and I don't like feeling like this. Dealing with my mother makes me feel like this anyway, I don't want any extra fuel for it. Does anyone know what might be going wrong? Or have an amazing basic chocolate cake recipe that's worth a shot? I've looked through the tags (where these came from originally) but could really do with some more help. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, it just needs to work!
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Bubble and Squeak

This is just a small post singing the praises of bubble and squeak. I mentioned it in passing in another post recently and was shocked to discover that some people haven't eaten it! I feel like making a public service announcement to say that whenever anyone is cooking a meal that contains both mashed potato and some kind of leafy green they should cook double so there is some to fry up the next day!

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