November 5th, 2007

  • sontres

Pecan pie, anyone?

I was thinking about maybe making a pecan pie for Thanksgiving, but I'm looking at recipes and it seems kindof problematic. So far the best bet for a pecan pie that tastes like the non-vegan kind seems to be this, from the memories:
But no one except the OP actually seems to have tried the recipe...
So has anyone made one that tastes like the non-vegan kind? If not, has anyone come really close? Is the problem that the filling doesn't get thick enough? Thanks a bunch!


What is everyone's favorite way to prepare plain rice?

I usually saute an onion and a few garlic cloves in earth balance and evoo.  And I don't usually do this but yesterday, once the onion was translucent I threw in some dried rosemary and thyme and a touch of salt.  That worked out well.  Then I toasted up the rice and added the water and when it was done cooking I stirred in a small amount of cooked frozen peas.  Adding the peas really makes all the difference.  They are so sweet and delicious.  Stirring in Italian parsley is also never a bad idea.  Occasionally if I am in the mood I will stir in some black beans.

Anyway, this is what I find works best every time.  I make rice a lot and every once in a while I will try something different to see if my recipe can be improved.  Before I veganized this I would use chicken stock.. it adds layers of flavor.  I've never been able to achieve the same with veggie stock.  It just tasted bland and once I used un-chicken broth and it wouldn't get absorbed into the rice so I had to cook it forever and ever and then it was oddly gummy/slimy.  So now I just stick with using water and try to throw in more spices/garlic.

Another thing that didn't work was when I tried to spice it up with seasoning salt.  It was an awful color and tasted worse.  Also, I love, love, love black pepper and usually add heaps of it to everything.. but adding it to rice is just a bad idea.  I once added carrots to the onion and garlic, and it made the rice horrible.  And before I discovered that vegan butter exists, I just used the evoo and it really took away from the flavor.

So I am just wondering how everyone else typically makes rice.  Maybe I can steal some of your ideas to improve upon my own method.