November 17th, 2007


Help! Masala wine and dried herbs

Hey guys,

So, we decided to have a sit down dinner tonight at my friends dinner party, instead of buffet style, and I was all excited to try a tofurkey for the first time, but alas, but two local supermarkets do not carry them. Luckily though, there is a delicious sounding recipe in my newspaper yesterday, but I think I might have trouble with some of the ingredients.

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Thanks for the help!

Sushi making.....

Okay, so I've made sushi before and it's so fun, easy, and cheap.  I love it. 

I know people use the special sushi rice because it's so sticky.

I really want to make brown rice sushi though.  I prefer brown rice and I know it's possible to make brown rice sushi since I've had it before. 

Has anyone experimented with making brown rice sushi?  What's the trick? 


I'm very new to the Vegan scene, and was wondering if anybody could recommend some good chocolate?


Also-this is slightly OT-but I've noticed that ever since I started eating like this, non-vegan foods make me sick. I try not to stray, but I have "relapsed" twice in the last month, and both times, I got really ill-vomiting, feeling like crap, the whole 9 yards. Is that just a coincidence, or is my body rejecting bad food? I went to the doctor, and all tests (for flu, viral etc.) came back I was thinking that this could be a possibility.