November 18th, 2007


Celebration Roast

Hello! I've posted before about trying to find a 'Celebration Roast' for Thanksgiving. The post is here:

Went to Whole Foods this morning to pick one up. I've heard great things about it from people online and I had heard it wasn't that expensive around $6 for the 1 pound roast...

Well I finally see them in the prepared foods dept. I picked up the teeny tiny 1 pound loaf (seriousy it fit in the palm of my hand that's how small it was). It was $13.90!!!! WTF!??? And that won't even feed two or three people comfortably. The 2 pound roast which probably would feed about 6 people was $30. I was gobsmacked. I think Whole Foods seriously marked up the price. I was so not going to go for that. So I decided to fall back on plan B. I picked up ingredients to make a Tofu-Tempeh Loaf. And I think I was able to get everything for under $10!

To those people who have seen Celebration Roasts at their local Whole Foods... Is it usually that expensive? I'm still quite shocked and disappointed as well. :(

Wonton wrappers

I thought about trying these out at a family potluck for Thanksgiving:

Pumpkin Pie Wontons

Problem is, the stores where I've found wonton wrappers have only had Melissa's brand. According to the package they contain egg. Does anyone know of a different, vegan-friendly brand and where one might look to find it?


sunshine burgers

You know those really amazing burgers you can get outrageously priced at Trader Joes called Sunshine burgers? The ones that are just rice, carrots, sunflower seeds, and spices?
I'm really into them and want to make some, but before I try, I was wondering if anyone else had made any attempts. I feel like their light, fluffy texture might be hard to obtain. Any advice?

Cooking a Tofurkey

I'm sorry if this was mentioned before.  I remember seeing it somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it in the memories.  I'm making tofurkey on Thursday and was just curious how everyone prepares theirs.  I thought I saw a post somewhere that someone cooks it in the crock pot??  This is my ideal, since I LOVE crock pot dinners, so if that was you and you read this, can you help a girl out?

For everyone else, advice would be wonderful! Thanx!
The Furious Little Cinnamon Bun

Teh Omgwoworgasmdeath Fuzzily-Defined-East-Asian-Nation-Ese Sauce Of Awesomeness

Made this a little while ago, and my God was it good. It's made with entirely Japanese ingredients (or at least, no ingredients that are unknown to the Japanese culinary canon) but it came out Chinese-tasting so.. I dunno what you'd call it. It tasted a lot like chow mein sauce.

Shame of shames, I actually made this with honey. But i'm not vegan. Here's the vegan version though:

1/2 cup hot water
1 sachet miso soup (make sure it's vegan)
Lots of shoyu (soy sauce, for the gaijin)
3-4 dashes sesame oil
2tsp golden syrup
5 dashes/1/2 tbsp vinegar

Add mirin if you like, but I didn't.

Or if you wanna go the whole hog:

- Marinate tofu in soy sauce/brown sugar for a few hours.
- Coat tofu in mixture of sesame seeds, golden syrup and a touch of shoyu. Coating should be very thick (in the sense of consistency)
- Roast for 15-20m.
- Add prepared sauce as above to cooked noodles.
- Add tofu to top. Add spring onion.
- Eat. Then worship me.

edit It's come to my attention that golden syrup is almost unknown in the States (you poor things). It's also come to my attention that agave nectar is what American vegans tend to use instead of honey. I honestly couldn't say what it cooks like because i've barely even heard of it yet alone cooked with it, but as long as it's basically a very very very thick sugar- (or fructose, or whatever) -based syrup I guess it should work alright.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake?

Tuesday is my sister's birthday, and she said that she wants a chocolate chip cookie cake for her cake. She is an omnivore, and she could easily go buy a cookie cake, but I want to make her one because it is more sentimental... and of course, I would get to eat it as well :)
I tried veganizing one from the food network's website, but it came out crunchy and too sugary. I'm looking for one that is as close as possible to a non-vegan cookie cake.


I made a pumpkin pie a few years ago that I'd really like to replicate, but I can't remember exactly where the recipe was from.
I *think* it was from how it all vegan, but that cookbook is deep within my storage, thus inaccessible.

the things that I DO recall about it
-the crust that it was supposed to be with sounded unappealing to me (it may have said to use a pre made, but I can't remember. I just remember that I used my standard recipe. which is also in storage, btw)
-the filling was remarkably similar to pecan pie, only pumpkin flavored. This was in flavor, and more importantly, in texture.
-my mom thought it was too sweet
-I thought it was so good that I almost cried (although decidedly not like traditional pumpkin pie that I've eaten)

Is this tingling anyones memory? have you made that recipe before? does it fit that description?

And also-
this evening I made a sweet potato pie, and I feel inclined to tell you about it, since the recipe came up on several different pages when searching for vegan sweet potato pie recipes on google.
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