November 19th, 2007

  • iswari

Veganomicon Chickpea Cutlets?

Has anyone tried these? I'm wondering if they'd be good for me to bring to my parents' for Thanksgiving (I despise Tofurkey-type stuff and haven't the time/energy to make my own seitan, though I wish I could!). If so, any thoughts on what would go well with them? If not, any other ideas from Veganomicon? I really want to try some stuff from there. Thanks!
kate and I.

Christmas Food Ideas for kids with nut allergies!

Hey everyone! I just found out that my little niece and nephew both have SEVERE tree and peanut allergies. My sister and her husband are trying their best at figuring out to live in a nut-free house, but are a bit overwhelmed by this sudden discovery. I thought a good idea for Christmas might be to come up with some sort of basket filled with helpful books and recipes on cheap, easy nut-free foods. Got any that you'd like to share? any input is appreciated!

lentil stew/soup

hey everyone,

I want to make a hearty lentil concoction tonight and was wondering if anyone could help me with what type of herbs or seasoning might work with the following ingredients:

some sort of squash in cubes

thanks much!

My first vegan Thanksgiving

 (Hi, I'm somewhat new) 
So, this doesn't have recipes, but it is about yummy food. 
So, I thought I would post this here rather than Veganpeople. 
My boyfriend and I do not live together yet, and I'm heading to my parents for thanksgiving so we decided to have our own little thanksgiving dinner this weekend. 
I think we over did it a bit: 
We had tofurkey w/ stuffing, dumplings, and gravy.  
(We used the sage & olive oil baste that is on the box)
Also, creamed corn, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and biscuits from Don't Eat off the Sidewalk. 
Collapse )
We definitely ate leftovers ALL weekend. 

It was a great first vegan thanksgiving. 
And my parents said they would get a tofurky for thursday!