November 27th, 2007


I thought I remember seeing an entry on macarons on this community... maybe like year ago, but I can't find it, so here goes.

Has anyone tried to make vegan macarons? You know those yummy French cookies. If so, did it work? I would assume it's possible to recreate these in vegan form, since people have been able to make vegan meringue. I want some vegan macarons badly!


What can I use to thicken my broccoli casserole?

Okay, guys... I posted a couple of days ago about wanting some broccoli casserole, and asking for favorite recipes.

Tonight I decided to just go with it and make something up as I went along, and this is what I got:
photo of broccoli casserole under cutCollapse )

Here's the recipe I made up, and the dilemma:
broccoli casserole recipeCollapse )

Thanks so much [in advance] for your help!