December 14th, 2007



So, here's the deal:
My family is having a huge Christmas get together-like most families- and everybody is bringing something. I volunteered for candies, as did my grandma. I'm the only vegan-or vegetarian for that matter- so I'll be bringing vegan candies. But I have no idea what kind of candy to bring so here's my question:

What's your favorite vegan candy and where can I find the recipes? :]


"Restaurant flavor"

Hey all.
I was making the White Bean and Roasted Garlic soup in VwaV recently and saw how Isa referred to roasted garlic as "restaurant flavor." This got me to thinking, what cheap/easy ingredients do you guys add to your food for instant restaurant/sophisticated/really good flavor?
For me:
Roasted sesame seeds
Red/white wine
Roasted garlic =]
Caramelized onions
Gee's Bend

Vegan party food

Hello. I'm hosting a birthday party for my mom. It's going to be at 2:00 in the afternoon so I'm not going to make anything major or anything that would lend itself to a "sit down" dinner. Essentially, I need to make finger foods. I'm doing a European/tea party sort of theme. I'll make currant scones, mini quiches, tea sandwiches, chocolate strawberries, mini tarts, a cookie plate and a big chocolate cake with coconut-pecan filling and tons of chocolate frosting. I have the sweets covered, but I really need some good ideas for savory things. What do you think would be good on a tea sandwich? I think non-vegans (everyone other than me) would be grossed out by vegan cream cheese, so I'm not even going to try it.


Maple Walnut Ice "Cream"

So, I honestly hadn't given a second thought to Maple Walnut ice cream since becoming vegan a little over a year ago, but joyreach's post abt. "Maple Nut Goodies" just whacked me upside the head. I want it, I need it... help a New Hampshire girl out!

Anyone know of a vegan version? Purely Decadent, although they positively rock my world with their Pomegranate Chip, has proven futile with this, but I've e-mailed a request to the product dep't. Other ideas?
Wynken & Sabine
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Peppermint Bark Question

If i am trying to make the peppermint bark- what kind of chocolate should i use (i am doing regular dark) so would like a bag of melted down chocolate chips work or would they be to soft to work with this recipe?

Thanks! -wynk