December 26th, 2007

jim shock

sugar cookie disaster

Help me, fellow vegans -- you're my only hope!

Last night, for Christmas, I tried to make sugar cookies using the recipe from page 119 of "The Joy of Vegan Baking" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I'm not new to vegan baking by any stretch, but this was the first recipe I've tried from that book, which was a long-awaited Christmas gift.

I followed the directions, but what I got was not "a smooth batter" but ... crumbs. It tasted like sugar cookies, but looked more like damp graham-cracker pie crust fixings than anything else. Even after chilling, it wasn't really usable, and we ended up tossing the batch.

My only variations from the recipe were that I used whole-wheat all-purpose flour and turbinado granulated sugar. Could either of those have been my downfall?

I was heartbroken, and we were left cookieless on Christmas. Any ideas where I went wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help, and happy holidays to all.
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Chick O Stick cookies?

I have a lot of Chick O Sticks and a bag of vegan chocolate chips. I want to make "butterfinger" cookies. I was thinking about vegan-izing a butterfinger cookie recipe by using Earth Balance and Ener-G, but does anyone have any other tips or suggestions about how to make maybe the best cookies ever?

HELP!!! (with a very picky eater)

My boyfriend is an omnivore, but he's very open-minded toward veganism. I have no mind to convert him, because I feel that he will eventually make the decision for himself.

I love to cook, so I'm looking for recipes that he will try. Unfortunately, he is an incredibly picky eater. When he was a child, a surgery resulted in him being deaf in one ear, and his sense of taste is heightened as a result. Because of this, he is very sensitive to strong flavors. He won't even eat ketchup.

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My plea:

-Does anyone have recipe ideas for someone with such a bland palette?

-Recipes for this person that aren't tomato-based? I'm sick of tomatoes!

-Vegan baked ziti recipe?

-Tried and true vegan meatloaf? I've tried and failed with numerous loafs. Extra points if it doesn't contain nuts because his best friend is highly allergic.

-Ideas for ways to convince him to try a vegetable more than once before deciding that he hates it?

-Has anyone ever made a relatively decent fake steak? I doubt this is possible, but he said to ask you guys.