December 28th, 2007

halp!!! bok choy recipe ideas needed....

i'm having a wonderful lovely gorgeous vegan boi over for dinner, and i want to make something not too terribly complicated but still impressive/delicious.

i have a lot of baby bok choy and i definitely want to incorporate that.  it doesn't necessarily have to be in the recipe; it could work as a steamed side dish, as long as it goes well.

any ideas are much appreciate, & thank you in advance my brethren vegetable-adorers <3 <3
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Vegcurry for two

Now this is a recipe so easy, I'm almost embarassed to post it. But sometimes you just need to be reminded of how simple cooking can be, if you just get yourself a jar of curry paste:

Half a small jar of Thai yellow curry paste (about 90 gr, it was a big scoop with the cooking spoon)
About 200 ml coconut milk
Any bunch of vegetables, I used: a small broccoli thingy/branch/whatchamacallit, a carrot and some tauge.
1 medium onion
2 fat cloves of garlic
200 gr firm tofu

Drain and cube the tofu. Chop onion and garlic. Slice the stem of the broccoli, make the flowerbit into nice little flowerettes and slice the carrot.
Heat oil in wok and sautee the onion and garlic.
Add the broccolistem and the carrot and continu your sauteeing business.
Add the tofu, and stir in the curry paste. Keep stirring this for half a minute or so, then add your coconut milk.
Let it simmer for some 10 minutes, throw in the broccoli flowerettes and let it continu for a bit more untill all veggies are as done as you like them to be.
At the very last minute, stir in the tauge.
Serve over rice.

It was not overly spicy, just use a little less curry paste, and when it's almost ready add some more to taste if necessary

And for dessert I got cherries in syrup, cooked some pears in the syrup, put them in a bowl with vanille ice cream, thickened the syrup (vaporising some of the moisture, I had no arrowroot), added the cherries and threw the lot on to the rest. Hmm...

PS I had Tofutti vanilla ice cream. Is it always that watery/light tasting? I hardly ever eat dessert, so I kinda forgot how other brands tasted...
PS2 What is that broccoli thing called?