On se niin väärin! (aprilstarchild) wrote in vegancooking,
On se niin väärin!

Mexican rice

Rinse two cups brown rice and drain. Put in a pot with a wide enough bottom that it
can spread out some. Add some veggie oil and saute until the rice starts to darken.
Add: two tomatoes, chopped fine (I used more, ours were smallish), a clove or two
minced garlic, and the leaves of a few stems of cilantro (I like lots--but at least
three or four stems). Saute a bit longer. Add buillion and enough water for the rice
(about four cups) and carrots and/or peas--my coworker just uses a bag of frozen
carrots and peas. I hate peas, so I chopped up some fresh carrots. Keep at a low
simmer, stirring occasionally, until the rice is done. Add more water if you need

On the side: I bought a large can of black beans. I drained and rinsed them, and
then put them on medium-low heat with a bit of water and oil, some chili powder, and
some oregano. I didn't start them until the rice was pretty much done.

To serve, put the rice stuff in a bowl, then some beans, and then some more fresh
cilantro. Voila!
Tags: ethnic food-mexican-beans&rice
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