January 3rd, 2008


Gluten flour=protein powder?

So I was surfing around on a nutritional supplement site looking for a protein powder for my boyfriend, not finding anything that wasn't whey protein (and we try to avoid too much soy as well) and we had an idea to maybe just mix gluten powder into chocolate almond milk.. Has anyone done this? Would it be gross? I'm just figuring it'd be a lot cheaper to just use gluten powder since we always have it around to make seitan and it's packed with non-soy protein. I just don't know if it could potentially make you sick if used "raw" in a drink. Feedback please!

What can you do with refried beans?

I have leftover refried beans in my fridge, and I'm wondering if there's anything interesting I can do with them.
Something in the way of soup or casserole? or, I don't know...
I just want to do something other than fill a tortilla with them or spread them over nachos.

Any ideas?

muffin recipe.

Last night I needed a basic muffin recipe to put fruit in, and used the "Anything Goes..." muffin recipe from "How It All Vegan." I used half white and half whole wheat pastry flour, and used agave nectar because I was out of turbinado sugar. Blackberries (fresh) were my fruit of choice, because I had a ton.
Last night when I made them they were a little bland, but soft. This morning they were hard, crumbly, and tasted like cardboard. What's the deal? I stored them like I always store my muffins - in a bowl with a paper towel on top in the microwave. Has anyone else made those muffins? Anyone else had any problems like that?
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I can cook, I promise! I made banana muffins the other day and they were a hit at work! This recipe from http://www.vegweb.com, again using half white and half whole wheat pastry flour.