January 5th, 2008

Rice cooker= slow cooker?

Hey all
I'm kind of strapped for money right now and have been really pining for a slow cooker. However, I have a huge Zojirushi rice cooker as it is. I was wondering if any of you have ever used your rice cookers for something else, specifically slow cooked meals (I'm interested in making slow cooked soups, lasagna, and maybe steel cut oats) ? Thanks in advance! TIA!

cappucino frother to recreate egg white effect?

A few minutes ago I put some warm soymilk in one of those simple manual frothers (the kind with a tall glass + a plunger-y thing with a mesh screen) and frothed it up all nice and fluffy for my coffee. When spooning it into the cup I noticed I could form peaks with it, and the peaks have actually held up quite a bit.

As far as I know, the vegan community has not yet found a way to replicate the similar ability of egg whites to whip up and form peaks for various recipes. Do you think combining some Ener-G with the right soymilk rather than with just water and throwing it into a milk frother contraption could do the trick? There's actually a bit of Ener-G in my backpack (carrying around baggies of white powder, always a good idea..) so I might give this a try later, though I have no other baking supplies here so I can't test yet how it will hold up beyond the frothing. Thoughts?

new (to the com.) and book requests

i own several vegan cookbooks and am looking for some new inspiration - ive been a bad bad vegan (usually im finishing my kiddo's mac and cheese because i cant stand to throw food away) and need something to kick my ass back into gear.

here's what i got - what am i missing?

vegan with a vengence - love it love it love it
how it all vegan
vegan vittles
table for two
vegan deli
instead of chicken, instead of turkey
the chicago diner cookbook - i lurve this restaurant.
the mediterranean vegan kitchen
great good desserts naturally
japanese cooking - contemporary and traditional
the new vegan cookbook

i like anything from the asian continent, comfort food (mmmm..gravy) and soul food - (soul veg, the DC restaurant, used to have a cookbook but it's out of print and they had the BEST mac and cheese and sweet potatos.)  im pretty adventurous but do like to keep things simple as i have two little people and long prep time and tons of ingredients is a pain in to dupa.