January 13th, 2008


Vegan cat treats?

My cat loves nutritional yeast. I left a shaker of it on the coffee table, and Riley found it. He knocked it onto the floor and was licking the hell out of it. So I gave him a little bit, and he went apeshit over it. He doesn't even get this excited over meaty cat treats.

(According to the interwebs, nooch is safe for kitties, even good for them!)

So now I have the idea to make cat treats based on nutritional yeast. Baking for the kitty sounds like fun, but none of the recipes I've found have nutritional yeast in them. Does anyone have any ideas?
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My friend and I made yummy pizzas today. We used store bought cornmeal crusts, that were delicious! We topped the crusts with some watered down tomato paste, and then topped each with a variety of veggies and some fresh basil. (I probably would have very lightly sauteed the veggies first in a little olive oil and oregano, but we were at her place so she was in charge.) Anyhow, they were delicious and very easy!


green granola

Hi vegan cooks :)

I've never posted here before, but today I made really awesome granola, and wanted to share.

green-awesome-granola by aedan:

soaked (or sprouted) buckwheat groats
soaked almonds
soaked sunflower seeds

a couple dates
a little apple juice or water
coconut flakes
vitamineral green or other green food powder
goji berries
pinch of salt

in a food processor, process the dates, raisins, juice, and coconut until it's a mixed goo. put in bowl. add almonds to food processor, and pulse to chop them up. mix goo, almonds, sunflower seeds, buckwheat groats, and goji berries. then mix in cinnamon, nutmen, salt, vanilla, vmg, maca, and anything else you'd like.

spread on to dehydrator sheets, or a baking pan. dehydrate on 120-ish for the first hour, then drop to 110-115, and check every hour. if you don't have a dehydrator, use your oven at it's lowest temp. and keep an eye on it, and just let it dry out. then wham, granola! enjoy.

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Pizza help!

I'm on a quest to make addictive pizza that is not superbly unhealthy, such as the kind found at many a restaurant. I'd prefer this pizza to be vegan; Without cheese, I think it's especially important for the crust to be terrific. (But I must note, that I'm not necessarily looking for a cheese substitute--just yummy pizza, "cheesy" or not.)

Please post your best pizza crust recipes and pizza-making tips & tricks! I've read many of the memories about pizza and a lot of other stuff on the interweb, but want to hear your tried and true secrets about what you do to make delicious pizza!

While it tasted okay, dinner tonight did not live up to my expectations of what a pizza-eating experience should be like. Please don't tell me I have to go out to get the taste I'm looking for?

Spinach & Sundried Tomato Pizza, from dinner tonight: