January 20th, 2008

lucy closeup

Lavash pizza!

Yum Yum YUM and easy!

i brushed a lavash (i used whole foods whole wheat) with olive oil and put under the broiler for a minute or two to firm it up. then i topped it with ppk tofu basil ricotta (made with nasoya firm lite tofu), roasted tomatoes, just a little bit of jarred sauce, and a sprinkling of vegan parm.


i will definitely be making stuffed shells with the "ricotta."

anyway, here's a lousy picture of a wonderful lunch:

  • gogh_me

What to do with okra?

I bought a quart of lovely fresh okra and I'm looking for suggestions on what to make.

Usually I oven-"fry" or stew it with onions and tomatoes. Recently I made the gumbo from Veganomicon with some but thats far more work than I want to put in, but any quick gumbo recipes I'm totally open to.


bread machine recipes.

i dug my trusty ole bread macine out of the closet, and i'm feeling a bit motivated to start baking our bread instead of buying it.

so i'm in search of good white and wheat bread machine recipes. i do not have bread flour, but do have whole wheat flour AND unbleached white flour as well as a box of vital wheat gluten.

suggestions? recipes? thanks!
  • leigh_a

Iron-rich recipes

My friend recently went to get some blood tests and was concerned about getting enough iron. I told her that I would cook her an iron-rich meal on Wednesday and I don't know where to start! We were looking up iron-rich foods online but I'm not any good at thinking of my own recipes so I am looking to you lovely vegans for some help! I tried googling "iron rich vegan recipes" but it didn't really come up with much. I've also checked the tags. So finally here is my actual question:

What are some of your favourite iron rich recipes?

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