January 24th, 2008


Spinach Artichoke Leek Dip

So I've made this a few times and it always gets devoured at parties. I made up the recipe by looking at a few other ones and adding some new things to it. I never wrote it down though, because I'm that person that rarely measures and just throws things together. However... today I attempted making close estimates so I can share this recipe.

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I'm trying to find a really accurate chocolate icebox cake recipe.

I found a vegan one:


but it says the filling's like pudding! and that's so not what I want.

I'm looking for a recipe that will give me similar results to the traditional one:


A long time ago, I tried to alter a regular recipe to make it vegan... but you know, Ener-G doesn't form stiff peaks like eggs do.
I knew better, but I really wanted to make a chocolate icebox cake, dang it.

Does anybody know what I'm looking for?
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I'm sick and want to eat some pickles to help my sore throat. And ideas on how to eat them besides just plain? I've never eaten pickles in or with anything before, so I have no idea what they taste good with (I'd put them on a veggie burger but I don't have any)